Quality is an ongoing process for Pom 2 Sèvres.

In order to obtain these certifications, each site must prove that it implements the good practices required. Every year, an auditor from an independent certication body checks them on sites. Since first time, every producer and packhouse has complied every year with these requirements.

- Vergers écoresponsables Eco Responsible French Apple orchards Charter (or "Integrated Fruits Production")
- GLOBALG.A.P. Global Good Agricultural Practices, since 2001 : use GGN 4049929734968 GLOBALG.A.P Certification option 2;
- Tesco NURTURE, since 2005: on demand
- BRC certificate (British Retail Consortium), 3 packhouses concerned:

These good practices allow us to be one step ahead on the expectations of our customers and of the consumer :

  • Consistant eating quality
    • maturity tests before harvest
    • sugar tests
    • firmness test before shipping
  • Food Safety guarantees
    • full traceability
    • pesticides residues analysis (nearly 60 tests every year proving not only the compliance with regulation, but also the constant improvement !)
  • Preservation of the environment :
    • minimized phytosanitary treatments through close field observation
    • biological pesticides and techniques (pheromones based mated disruotion against tree tags, preventive actions …etc) on all orchards.
    • minimization and recycling of used water and materials
    • preservation of natural resources and biodiversity : preservation of natural vegetal fences, micro irrigation…etc