Who we are

Pom’2 Sèvres is the business organization of apple producers in Deux-Sèvres ( France) created in 1994 and always managing by themselves.

This collective management directly by the producers themselves is our warantee of transparency and responsibility towards the entire chain that bring the fruits to the consumer in terms of ecological practices, food safety, social and economical practices.

It is only here in Deux-Sèvres and in particular in Gâtine, a historical soil for apples, that we produce, store, grade and pack our fruits ourselves. This is why we master the quality of our agricultural practices, of our fruits, of our services to the customer and consumer.
Our participation to the Eco Responsible French Apple Producers Charter and our quality certifications are further evidences of our care for quality.

We have been delivering for nearly 20 years quality fruits all along the year to extremely varied and demanding customers in France, in Europe and beyond ( Middle East, Africa, South Amercia)