Our professional teams are divided on 4 sites:
2 packhouses work for the specific needs of the regional and national domestic markets with a specific care for the traditional French varieties : (Reinette Clochard emblematic from our region, Chantecler, blush golden,…:

  • SARL Cantet in Vernoux-en-Gâtine,
  • SICA Vieilles Touches in Secondigny.


2 packhouses concentrate on export orders: in order to respond to the demand for French apples in general and of our fruits in particular on the international markets:

  • SICA Pom’2 Sèvres in Secondigny,
  • SICA Vieilles Touches in Taizé. 

The intrinsic quality of our fruit and also our good agricultural practices enable us to convince and respond to very varied and demanding international buyers on the ground of taste, food safety and ecological practices (UK, Spain, Benelux, Germany, Africa, Middle East, South America, ...)

Our brand, the presentation of the fruits, the packaging that goes with them and protects them are extension of the quality of our apples:

-  POM2SEVRES Brand corresponding to our high and constant quality standard
- JPEG the french Eco Responsible logo that brings attention to our good agricultural practices